Saturday, May 7, 2016


So the NFL draft was last week and you could say it all went pretty much as planned. The Top Five draft picks were made by the Rams, who got the number one pick by trading, the Eagles, who got number two pick by a big trade as well, the Chargers, the Cowboys, and then the Jaguars. The Rams picked up Jared Goff who should be a good QB for the Rams. Next the Eagles who really needed a QB got the QB from North Dakota State Carson Wentz. Can not wait to see what he can do this upcoming year for the Eagles. Then the Chargers got a great pick with Joey Bosa. After that the scary pick happened, if you thought DeMarco Murray was good with the Cowboy's offensive line, just wait until you see Ezekiel Elliot behind them. And then of course will be way in front of them. Then finally to end our top five the Jaguars picked up a great CB, Jalen Ramsey. He has a lot of talent that can really help the struggling Jaguars.